Wild West Gun Shop

Although we do not presently offer formal training classes at this time, we would love to invite you to come down to our shooting range in Edmonton and shoot some exotic firearms for a great night out, or alternatively you can practice on a firearm that you might one day like to own.  Experience is the key to safe shooting and our range staff will ensure that you learn the safety precautions you need to know to be a safe and effective beginner.

Accurately firing a handgun is often more difficult than using long guns. In light of this, we have put together a small guide to help you get the most of your shooting experience.

A Quick Guide to Using a Handgun

1) Hold the gun properly with both hands, do not put your trigger finger on the trigger unless you are ready to fire. Your grasp should be as firm as possible to control any recoil that the firearm may deliver. Also, grip the handle as high as you can. Most of the weight and energy exerted on the weapon will be at the top, so gripping high allows you to better control the recoil.

2) Move your body into a shooter’s stance: Your feet should be shoulder width apart. For quick firing, lean your shoulders slightly forward to move your center of balance toward the gun to help counter the recoil. The key is to balance your body and give yourself a solid stance to keep you from swaying.

3) Use both hands to steady the gun. When aiming, your dominant arm — the hand holding the weapon — should be completely straight. Bend your other elbow and use your other hand for extra support.

4) Handguns feature two sets of the sights: the front sights and the rear sights. The rear sights have a notch down the middle. When aiming, line up the center front sight down the center of the rear sights, keeping the top of both sights level. Focus on the front sights while aligning the rear sights. Wherever these sights are aligned is where the bullet will land.

5) Pull the trigger smoothly. A tendency of many shooters is to quickly and roughly pull the trigger, which can move the sights out of alignment and cause an inaccurate shot. Pull the trigger straight back and do so with a controlled rolling movement that will not upset your sights’ aiming. For extra accuracy, professional shooters will often hold their breath while squeezing the trigger to prevent any bodily motion that will upset the sight alignment.