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Turkey is one of the most delicious animals, thats why people save the deliciousness of it to only one day per year – Thanksgiving. Hunting turkey isn’t easy – it takes an intense amount of resources to find and kill turkeys. Oh wait nevermind its pretty easy. Turkey’s are slow and big, which makes them easy targets.


As you can see, their camouflage is pretty terrible as well.


This is why back in the 30’s they were slaughtered so mercilessly that they practically became an endangered species. However, apparently it wasn’t easy enough to hunt turkeys, so someone went ahead and invented an easier way to hunt them – the Gobbler Guillotine. Which is basically 4 knives as an arrowhead.


Even though it is designed for turkey’s, we are pretty sure this could kill many other things.


This arrow is specifically designed to instantly remove the head of the turkey. It sounds terrible, but it is about as humane as hunting can get we suppose. As a bonus, if your aim is terrible, you will instantly turn that turkey into 4 smaller turkeys!