Wild West Gun Shop

Could prohibition era gangsters take over Canada? The simple answer is no. As everyone knows, the secret weapon of prohibition era gangsters was the Thompson Sub-machine Gun, or “Tommy Gun” as it is known and popularized in various media. Originally intended by its creator, John T. Thompson, as a military technology for “sweeping” trenches, The Tommy Gun was the first Sub-machine gun class………well, gun. This compact, high cyclic rate, .45 caliber grandfather of the sub-machine gun family is among the weapons classified as Prohibited Weapons in Canada. Consequently, they cannot be imported or otherwise obtained except in extremely exclusive and limited circumstances. This is probably due to the fact that their use in civilian hunting contexts would be……. Undesireable. So, unfortunately, if Prune Face or Flat Top ever come over to your house and start pushing you around there is no way to stop them.