Wild West Gun Shop

1) Scream Round

This cartridge has been fitted with a whistle much like some fireworks are. The only difference being is that it travels much faster than any fireworks, and also, it is shot out of a gun. The description on the website recommends that you don’t use it as fireworks, because well, it’s a gun, and guns aren’t things you just shoot for fun.


Oh wait yes they are. What are we talking about.


The round was designed to scare off animals for agricultural purposes, and as a bonus, it causes them horrid nightmares of screaming fire travelling at them at thousands of feet per second.


2) Hot Pepper Round

This round is filled with what is basically pepper spray. The material it is probably thicker and paste-like, and then it gets vaporized upon ejection, spewing an extremely spicy mist at bullet-speed all over in people’s faces and eyes, effectively dispersing riots and fights.


Under normal circumstances, shooting people with pepper-gas is considered a rude gesture.


This is basically like the most extreme form of pepper spray. Instead of a hand-held pressurized squirting thing, you can blast it out of a shotgun and be certain to get the pepper-sauce securely lodged in their face.


3) Rock Salt Round

This round is packed with hard rock salt, and it has a few different purposes. The round will smack rioters in the face with stinging salt, for one. It is also excellent at dispersing crowds of rioters and even workers on strike, then they will think twice about rebelling against the system again.




Chefs can also use the round to blast salt directly into large quantities of food in short order. Which would be awesome, but it does add a slight hint of gun-flavour to the dish. Oh, and we clearly just made that up.