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These days, everything is becoming more and more integrated with technology. Almost everyone, including shooters, carry a cell phone or tablet with them whever they go. As fun and nifty as these items may be, they do come with some concerns. Gun owners in particular may be the most sensitive to security and privacy concerns.

The new and patented ShieldSak is woven with seven different types of metal in a ripstop bag. The ShieldSak neutralizes all electronic signals and radio transmissions. An active cell phone will completely disappear off the grid in about 5-10 seconds after being sealed in a SheildSak. It won’t ring, and it can’t be tracked. The user will regain some autonomy.

Further, items with RFID chips such as passports, ID cards, or credit cards disappear instantly and can’t be scanned remotely.The SheildSak is designed to last up to 7 years if treated well. You can find one for about $65 to $70.