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Cajun Gun Works #RHK Manual Safety Hammer Kit


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Cajun Gun Works #RHK Manual Safety Hammer Kit

The iconic CGW Race Hammer Kit.  This kit is engineered to produce an exceptional break in SA.  We start with a proprietary base alloy steel, then we heat treat into the RC53 range (factory is RC45), then we apply super durable, DLC (diamond like coating) to the hammer.  No other performance replacement hammer goes to these extremes.   Others try to copy, but nothing comes close to a CGW performance hammer in quality, durability, and performance.  Hammer pins not included.

CGW’s unique adjustable sear is part of this kit.  Our sear uses a hardened SS set screw with a very high thread count.  This high thread count allows for more loctite than is actually needed to ensure once the loctite sets, the sear becomes a one piece part.   There are tens of thousands of this sear in service worldwide, and it has proven to be reliable, durable, and trouble-free in every imaginable environment.  It has proven to be rock solid in every regard.

Requires 2 CGW part number HPIN for DA/SA builds, requires 1 HPIN for single action builds.

Made in the USA.  Hammer and sear are lifetime warrantied to the original purchaser.

NOTE:  When installing any high-performance hammer in a CZ, the sears angle is changed, which alters the way the manual safety works:

  1. Hammer down manual safety can be applied “up”
  2. Hammer at half-cock manual safety can be applied “up”
  3. Hammer at full cock, manual safety can be applied “up”, but trigger pull will not drop the hammer

Please note this deviates from the way the CZ factory parts work.  DO NOT cycle the action in DA with the hammer down and the manual safety in the “up” position.  The manual safety was never designed to be applied “up” with the hammer down, whether using the CZ Factory Competition hammer parts or Cajun Gun Works parts.  The manual safety is designed to only be used with the hammer at full cock.  If 1, 2, & 3 listed above are unacceptable, then do not purchase this hammer kit, or any other performance hammer.

See Installation Instructions Here

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