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No More Mr.Nice-Guy, Guide to defending yourself, family, and property in Canada

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No More Mr.Nice-Guy, Guide to defending yourself, family, and property in Canada

The most controversial book ever written about empowering Canadians to stand-up against criminals. This Guidebook tells you in clear, layman’s terms, the legal, practical and tactical approach to keep your family and property safe from criminals.

Rural and community crime is rampant in Canada. The government doesn’t know what to do about it, and the police won’t tell you. No More Mr. Nice-guy tells you what you can do, and how to do it.

Book Includes Information On

  • Stay out of trouble if you stand your ground against criminals.
  • You have the authority of a Police Officer when arresting a criminal – Use it.
  • No Duty to Protect – Police are never required to protect you. Learn why?
  • Valuable interpretation of the laws about defending what is yours.
  • Learn when to use lethal force to defend yourself and property.
  • Use of force, and weapons legal for self-defence and citizen’s arrest.
  • How to arrest criminals; the legal and the tactical.
  • How to prepare yourself, home and business to deal with criminals.
  • How to deal with the police when you have stood your ground.



7 reviews for No More Mr.Nice-Guy, Guide to defending yourself, family, and property in Canada

  1. Mitch T. (verified owner)

    A must read

  2. Mathieu M. (verified owner)


  3. Mike (verified owner)

    This is a great book to at least get people thinking about personal defense. I think we Canadians don’t like talking about defending our loved ones and ourselves and that needs to change…police do a great job but they are minutes away when seconds count.
    This is more of a reference manual than an entertainment read…so take your time reading it and keep it handy to reread the sections that most interest you.
    There are also a multitude of different canadian law case studies referenced which the author uses to prove his points.

  4. Donald Campbell (verified owner)

    To the point, and sorely needed to bring some sanity to the (criminal) justice system that it has become in our home and native land. A much needed breath of fresh air.

  5. Jason Schnieder (verified owner)

    Worth every penny (not in Canada any more).
    I would have paid more for this information.
    Thank you Barry for writing this book and Wild West for distribution!!!

  6. Mike H. (verified owner)

    Excellent read. Highly recommended.

  7. Dave Hill (verified owner)

    Excellent book, informative. Great service and speedy delivery. Will shop again. *****

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