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Norinco Type 97 Gen 2 5.56mm

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Norinco Type 97 NSR G2 5.56mm

The Norinco Type 97 NSR has always been a favorite for the Canadian market due to its low cost, rare bullpup configuration, and compatibility with any optic. Now coming in a Gen 2 configuration, this bullpup is standard coming with a Flat Top Upper Receiver with full length rail for mounting optics, and sights. Another addition is they now come with Keymod attachment points for the run of the forend. This allows you to mount a variety of flashlights,laser, etc.

Compatibility with any AR type magazine means you have a wide variety of ammo sources from LAR-15- Magpul M3 Mags do get the rifles function, or look, just where you want it! The Rifle is in an 18.5″ barrel, however having the “BullPup” configuration means the action is put rear of the trigger guard giving you the maximum maneuverability while maintaining optimal accuracy for a reliable shot everytime.


  • 18.5″ Bullpup configuration
  • Keymod Rail System
  • Ambidextrous Safety Levers
  • Full Length Optic rail
  • Maximum Maneuverability with optimal barrel length
  • Short Stroke Gas system with rotating bolt- 3 Gas Settings (Allows for .223 or 5.56mm at variable pressure loads)
  • Non-Reciprocating charging handle
  • Front/Rear Adjustable sights included


4 reviews for Norinco Type 97 Gen 2 5.56mm

  1. Kyle Bloomfield (verified owner)

    Shipped Tuesday (July 4th) & received Thursday (July 6th) with AMAZING customer service. So first off, way to go Wild West! I will be buying from you again.

    On to the rifle… I haven’t shot it (or given it a good cleaning ) at this point so,this is my impression “out of the box”.

    Fit & finish is tight. A little too tight in some areas. The supplied magazine does not drop free. My LAR-15 Mags are a nightmare to get out of the mag well. The ambidextrous safety & mag release is amazing compared to the Gen 1. The bolt cycle feels smooth (again, hasn’t been cleaned or shot). The break on the tigger feels realitivly consistan when dry firing. The factory “pop-up” sights seem ok, not spectacular but ok.

    All told… As things stand with this rifle now I am happy. 5.56mm, semi-auto, & NON-RESTRICTED!

    I’ll expand my rewiew once I’ve taken it out to put some lead down range.

  2. Kyle Bloomfield (verified owner)

    So I have rounds down range on this gun now…

    120 rounds of .223 Federal “American Eagle” 55 grain FMJ boat tail & 120 rounds of .223 Federal “American Eagle” 50 grain jacketed hollow point. So here’s my thoughts on how the rifle shoots.

    1. Blue loctite is REQUIERED for the upper/rail. The bolts that secure it seem to work loose after only a few rounds.

    2. The feed ramp is fixed. Norinco machined channels into the ramp like the AR has.

    3. It’s accurate! Maybe not AR with a 20″ heavy barrel accurate but it’s putting the bullets where your want them.

    4. The factory iron sights suck! Get a good set of 3rd party irons or an optic for this rife (I’m running a Vortex Crossfire II 3-9×40 on it now with great results).

    5. The balance on it is fantastic. The ergonimic issues from the Gen 1 are still noticeable but they have gotten better.

    6. It’s stil mag sensitive but it’s an easy tweak for most (metal) mags to get a happy mating. Don’t run plastic mags! LAR15 mags with a bit of crimping are amazing (look it up on YouTube).

    7. It seems to like running wet. Lots of oil all over… You’re likely going to get splashed.

    8. Maintenance is straightforward once the “weird bullpup layout” is understood.

    9. It costs a lot less than an AR or a Tavor (& it’s not restricted like an AR).

    10. IT’S FUN TO SHOOT!

  3. Ernie Stamm (verified owner)

    I got my T97 about two weeks ago . I could send a few rounds down range . Then a malfunction . I had to take the rifle apart . As soon as the Buttstock came off , parts were flying all over the place . A extended search for the rod in the Striker assembly ended negative. So I tried the Internet ,searching for NORINCO T97 Parts . I could not find any , so far. It seams , a lot of companies just selling new Merchandise , but if something breaks , there is no help . Twice I tried to contact customer service , but I am still waiting for a reaction . If anyone knows , where to get NORINCO Parts , please let me know . So far , my rating is as low as possible , It might change in the future , depending on the reaction of Wild West . I need help !!! Dank you

  4. Ernie Stamm (verified owner)

    Hi Wild West
    It is me again . Thank you to your very quick reaction to my criticism . I got to upgrade you to 4 1/2 Stars .I did receive a Manual with the rifle . It is still my opinion , that improvements could be made . If you show a Exploded view of a Rifle , it should show every single part disassembled and numbered and show where it goes in the assembly process . It also should have a “Name” , so when we talk about parts , we do not have to use words like “that Thing” that goes there ….and so on. It would be helpful. In the meantime I have put a few rounds downrange and sighted in my scope . Despite the really poor trigger , I was able to do fairly decent groups of 3’s @ 100 meters .Group sizes between 30 and 43 mm. What I absolutely dislike on that rifle , is the mag release knob . It also would be nice , if the factory would install rails on the bottom and maybe the side .When mounting the Scope , the Mounting Rings would not fit the Picantiny rail . So I tried the mount on other pic rails and they fit everywhere. Apparently the grooves are not quite deep enough to accommodate the bolt for those mounts . 3to 4 strokes with a round file did the trick . Id is just bad , when you have to hurt a new rifle like this , that should not be . All in all , I like the T97NSR . It is , what it is , manufactured as military Hardware , nothing fancy, WORKS , surprisingly accurate , light and short and priced right for a old soldier .

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