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PILLA Lifestyle Solis Sunglasses – Silver/CGR


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Pilla Performance Glasses has been providing the premium glasses for athletes for over 20 years. Many olympic athletes who reach the podium in competitions in Skeet and Trap field only wear Pilla glasses to increase the accuracy and focus on targets. Pilla Lifestyle is a spinoff of the same quality premium performance glasses, which resulted from many years of research and close collaboration between Pilla and Zeiss. Pilla Glasses come in a beautiful Italian frames, so the quality and the look goes hand in hand.
In many main stream brands you pay for the name and most often the quality is sacrificed for the mass production and reduction of the cost. At Pilla you only pay for the quality and functionality of the glasses, the design and look is a bonus on top.
 Pilla lifestyle was born to provide athlete the same visual experience off the field. With Pilla lifestyle Glasses, now you can have what the top athletes have had and enjoyed for many years.
You can wear your Pilla eyewear throughout the day without any fatigue or eyestrain. Wrong eyewear introduces eye fatigue because if the lens is not optically correct and has distortion, the eye muscle is continually fighting to look through the material. Pilla lenses are certified by Zeiss, 100% distortion free, and optically correct. Pilla delivers an unmatched lens design wrapped in a beautiful handmade Italian frame for everyday use.


  • Zeiss Certified Lenses
  • Stainless Handmade Italian Frames
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Zeiss Pilla CGR Lenses
  • Zippered Soft Shell Protective Case
  • Premium Compact Textured Lens Cleaning Cloth

Lens Specifications

CGR This design specification delivers a color enhancing technology capable of reducing glare while providing optimal target definition by bleeding a very specific and regulated amount of light reflection percentage into the sight picture. ZEISS PILLA CGR is a platform that produces a polarizing effect while enhancing the definition of objects through a modulation of light reflection. Available as CGR Custom Solid, and CGR Custom Gradient lenses.


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